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      Welcome to our site! HaoSheng Hardware Good luck again and again, wish other people prosperity! !

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              "Guangdong XINXIN" is the Jieyang City, Guangdong Province Shuangsheng Hardware Products Factory, Jieyang City, Wang Sheng Stainless Steel Products Factory Brothers Factory in Guangzhou Office, external window (companies).
              Our factory was founded in the early 90s, professional production of metal, stainless steel products business, with a number of development, design, development of professional and technical personnel, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, a solid economic foundation, the growing scale. The production of all kinds of high, medium and low-grade stainless steel, the West tableware, kitchen utensils, hotels, guesthouses and other supplies Series. Variety of goods, high quality and innovative design that can provide you with cheap products.
              The company shuangsheng,JUNDA two brands. Quality, integrity, service first to win the trust of customers, products, world-renowned. Canton window from domestic sales to large and medium-sized cities, for export to Europe and the United States and other countries around the world.
      Business philosophy: people-oriented, technologically advanced, scientific management
      Operating purposes: quality first, integrity first, service first
      Entrepreneurial spirit: a pragmatic, efficient, unity, hard work, pioneering and enterprising
      Quality Policy: all in order to meet customer demand as the standard

      TEL:86 20 33952938 FAX:86 20 34234020 Website:http://www.uc0005.com E-mail:gdxinxin@126.com