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      Name:   GuangDong XinXin Stainless Steel Co,.Ltd
      Contact:   Mr.Lin
      Yiwu TEL/FAX:   0579-85194223
      Yiwu PH:   13185178538
      Yiwu address:   International Trade City, third floor, F3-16919 2 store (East 26, West 25 Street 8 door)
      Guangzhou TEL/FAX:   020-34234020
      Guangzhou PH:   13560228538
      Guangzhou address:   Haizhu District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province Nantian International Hotel supplies market 32 on the 7th
      Website:   http://www.uc0005.com
      E-mail:   gdxinxin@126.com
      Q  Q:   460620408
      msn:   gdxinxin@126.com
      sky:   gdxinxin

      TEL:86 20 33952938 FAX:86 20 34234020 Website:http://www.uc0005.com E-mail:gdxinxin@126.com